Flamenco ecstasy

Flamenco in Atlanta

flamenco ecstasy
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Martin Gloverís take on flamenco leads to the ecstasy of Sufi-like trance

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Passion for profit damaging flamenco tradition

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Joe D'Amato. - But one consistent thread in his renaissance man career has been a love of psychedelic trance music and the transporting effect of a hypnotic groove.

Flamenco Ecstasy

Rachel Ward. From White to Black is a piece that comes full circle, flanked by two pieces of electronic music by Artomatico, which force a rhythmic urban beat not dissimilar to that found in traditional flamenco. The prologue unveiled the dancer with two cracks of light. There, encircled in smoke, he stood clicking his fingers with captivating cool. Broad-chested and with a mane of black curls he was a bull of a man, teasing the audience with slow slides of the foot, sweeping arm gestures and rapid flashes of the red lining of his suit jacket.

There's no pain without gain when it comes to the flamenco, explains the world's greatest flamenco guitarist. Paul Edwards reports. What happens when the agony and tragedy that create and nurture an art form no longer exist; when the fire in the belly is merely a warm, comfortable glow? For Paco Pena, master guitarist and don of flamenco, these are worrying times, for it seems the pain in Spain is mainly on the wane. There are cave dwellings above Granada in southern Spain where Gypsies once huddled like troglodytes.

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  2. The machine-gun rattle of their dazzling dance steps was once the stuff of impromptu shows in bars and homes, but such is the fame of today's flamenco dancers that they are now coming under fire for losing touch with their roots.

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