Blog gay hard

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blog gay hard

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Love is a many-gendered thing. In response to populr demnd, I've spent the past year writing a couple nonfiction writing titles for genre authors, including Verbalize and Activate. Lickety Split came out March from Dreamspinner Press ; it's an erotic cowboy contemporary that goes right to the edge
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Honesty may well be the final frontier., Tuesday, February 06,

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No matter your gender or sexual orientation, dating can seem like a minefield. Sometimes we meet the wrong people, choose a bad venue or fall head over heels with someone who just wants to be friends. We can be a very picky bunch. Having fixed ideas of what you want which usually boil down to looks and little else could be standing in your way of meeting some great guys. Not only is this far too prescriptive, you also run the risk of coming across as overly negative.

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