Jessie j ass

jessie j ass

jessie j ass
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Music Compilation Video (Bang Bang - Jessie J)

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Burnin’ Up


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Walking through the fire Please, don't let me go Take me to the river I need you to know. I'm burnin' up, come put me out Come and put me out I'm burnin' up, come put me out Come and put me out. Hot in the kitchen like a thousand degrees That's how I'm feeling when you're next to me I got a fever, tell me, what did you do? Temperature rising when I look at you, look at you. Subliminal sex Trippin' in sweat I'm losing my breath ah ah ah ah Look what I've found It's 'bout to go down I'm burning right now ah ah ah ah. I got the matches, you got the gasoline Lay up the fire like it's there literally The way we're moving by the end of the song They're gonna have to pull the fire The fire alarm. Everything hot like it's fresh off the grill Million dollar grill look fresh on the hill Plus I'm 6'5", she need to step in some heels Before you step up in here you need to step up your gear Wish a Lamborghini had four doors From the corner store to the corridor Me and my homie on the damn floor White girl in the middle, looking like an Oreo I'm burnin' up Roof on fire, we can burn it up Turn up for what nigga turn up Motherfucker must ain't learn nothin' Back in the day used to down with a burn clock I'm burnin' up Got the Lord on the top floor In a four, today I'm wearin' Tom Ford Walk in the club and her ass start clappin' Come shawty, I want an encore.

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