Jennifer lopez fake ass

Is Jennifer Lopez's Famous Booty Disappearing? We'll Let You Decide!

jennifer lopez fake ass
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Jennifer Lopez - B00ty (feat. Iggy Azalea) - XXX Music Video

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The singer Jennifer Lopez has an enviable ass. We know that very well with his belfies in which he shows how he looks better every day, more.
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How to Get Jennifer Lopez's Butt!

By Sara Nathan. - Remember when Jennifer Lopez 's bootylicious bottom was all anyone could ever talk about?!

Is Jennifer Lopez's Famous Booty Disappearing? We'll Let You Decide!

Multi-talented singer, dancer, actress Jennifer Lopez shot to fame not only for her prodigious musical and theatrical chops but also for her voluptuous figure. - By Emily Kirkpatrick.

Before Kim Kardashian burst onto the scene, there was another star who was known for her butt. Today, the year-old actress' behind has taken a backseat to other stars, but in a interview on May 2 with Australian radio station 2dayFM , Lopez said she does "whatever it takes" to keep herself in shape, as long as that doesn't include plastic surgery. Asked if she would ever consider getting butt implants when she's older should her bottom lose its shape, the singer, who has a song called "Big Booty" on her new album, totally shut the idea down. I can't do it. I can honestly say that's a big no," she said. So so for me, it's always about getting out to the gym or getting outside, or whatever it takes to just kind of keep it together. Lopez said she'll stick to eating healthy and working out, adding that while you "don't have to go crazy, you don't have to be a fanatic," it's all about upkeep.


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