Kiss my ass

kiss my ass

kiss my ass

/u00abHey Elsa.../u00bb (Kiss My Ass, Baby...) | Elsa Jean (/u042d/u0439, /u042d/u043b/u044c/u0437/u0430)

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Define kiss my ass (phrase) in American English and get synonyms. What is kiss my ass (phrase)? kiss my ass (phrase) meaning, pronunciation and more by.
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kiss my ass meaning, definition, what is kiss my ass: an insulting expression used to show tha: Learn more.
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kiss my ass

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Yaow, The most underrated, somebody had to say it, I took it upon myself considering im surrounded by haters. Fucking amazing how i can walk around These rappers act lke they've never seen me before, not like it even matters but Some of you guys are funny and some of you suck so much, i wonder what the fuck i can do to shut you up! So when the critics want to label me as "new" I'm a little confused if i sound as shitty as you! Now, how come i've never seen none of you fight? Guess it's all behind the mic.

Bob Murray is a modern-day coal king, operating 13 mines and employing more than 7, people. He's not the kind of boss you tell to eat shit, or to kiss your ass. If you're brash enough to do so, you shouldn't expect to be working for him much longer.

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