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liane v ass

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Vine Star/ Model/Singer Liane Valenzuela is Now Modeling For Blac Chyna...

Fred did not want to rent to black people, and made sure that his rental agents were diligent in keeping people of colour from the cluster of sixteen residential buildings he owned in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Guthrie had moved into an apartment at Beach Haven , near Coney Island , in Justice Department.
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I'm talking straight up to you, baby You already missed enough, so you betta listen up If you wanna get this all tonight I'm talking straight up to you, baby I already called yo stuff so you betta listen up If you wanna get this love verse Don't forget, I handle my shit It don't take long to make up my mind Baby, I don't quit, I be on my way Of you think you gon' waste all my time Pre-Hook Call me up, not gonna sell it up Cause baby we been through it all You say it's word to love, but baby don't you get That I'mma wait another minute So when you hit me up, I'm tryna push our luck Cause baby we been through this all You betta keep me close, I think you need a ghost So lemme speak just for a minute, yeah Hook 2 My nigga, if you want this love Betta walk that shit you're talkin' Babe, I bet I got one who will Betta keep it real, or you'll catch me out with a tan?! Pre-Hook Hook.
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Top definition. Liane unknown. Liane is French name for bond.

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